Welcome to the offical website of Lord Dean David Burr. Here you can learn all about the "Peoples Lord" of Wimbledon and keep upto date with all events, charities and achievements he takes part in. Lord Burrs title was handed down through family and ever since taking up the nobility he has worked hard to put it to good use. He owns a Car valeting company and Pest Control company called Lords Environmental which works closely with all the London boroughs and supports small businesses, helping and teaching them the best ways to be successful. Please navigate around all areas of the site to learn more, view pictures in the gallery and if you wish to, donate to charity. 

Lord Dean David Burr, Reece, #Icebucketchallenge

It was only a matter of time before Lord Burr was nominated to participate in the global craze #Icebucketchallenge in suppport for the ASL Association. Lord Burr of course accepted the challenge and got himself soaked by his Personal Assistant Reece. Donations where also made to ASL Association and Macmillan Cancer by Lord Burr. Read the article and watch the video here!

Lord Dean David Burr, Lord Brett Mclean

Sunday 6th March 2014 was Lord Brett's 11th Pier Walk Challenge. Lord Burr was honoured to meet with Lord Brett of Hastings for the first time. They, along with many others endured a 16.8 mile walk from Hastings pier to Eastbourne pier in aid of numerous charities in Hastings. Lord Burr has said it was a most wonderous day and hopes to meet with Lord Brett again. He also said the Pier Walk Challenge will be an event he will most definately participate in again. More Info here: http://www.hastingsobserver.co.uk/news/local/the-11th-pier-walk-challenge-1-6174051

Lord Dean David Burr

1st December 2013 Lord Burr was welcomed to Oxford Castle Unlocked, where he was given a guided tour and told all about the history of the castle and how it played a big part in Oxfords wealth today. Lord Burr had a fantastic day and would most deffinately attend the castle again in the future. You can find more photo's and videos of this visit in the Gallery. http://www.oxfordcastleunlocked.co.uk/

Lord Dean David Burr

17th November 2013 at the Thai Temple in Wimbledon. Lord Dean David Burr got really into the celebrations of the Loi Kratong Festival. Himself and (Personal Advisor) Reece Frendo-Cumbo even placed their own flower into the water. Find more photos and videos in the Gallery.

The "Peoples Lord" has hit the newspapers! Read the article here: http://goo.gl/CDEhV4

Lord Dean David Burr

Lord Burr was invited to Sree Krishna, the longest serving Indian Restaurant in Wandsworth who were celebrating their 40th Anniversary. There he met the Mayor of Wandsworth and MP Sadiq Khan. It was a most enjoyable day for Lord Burr.

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